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Round three of @jolynnortheast bringing us a new water sport to learn about!

Today is all about Triathlons, not only are we talking about having to race in the water but now we are adding in biking and running too ... all in the same single race.


You can wear any swimsuit under your wetsuit and biking gear that you're comfortable in, we've found that the Fendrick is a great option if you're into twosies and the Chevy is awesome if you want a onesie! 

 To get a real feel for what these athletes do check out the clip below!

 Don't forget to grab a pair of Dane's or Doyle's for training! 

Check out our instagram @jolynclothing or  @jolynnortheast to watch videos in our stories of these incredible athletes! 


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  • Love this blog post! As a triathlete, it’s so exciting to see a company I have loved since my water polo days, making the same transition into the sport of triathlon! The Perry onesie has been my favorite for many long swim workouts!

    Miriam P

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