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Do you feel powerful after your morning coffee, after that killer gym sesh, or when wake up refreshed knowing today is your day.

Feeling powerful can be so many things to different people, after asking several athletes what power meant to them, our Creative Director Mallyce was given so many inspiring answers she knew they had to make posters to represent these thoughts and feelings. Gathering some incredible professional female beach volleyball players together to shoot with these inspiring words we get to see the answers come to life. 



Strength from within.

Empowering other women.

Often female athletes shown in ad campaigns, especially wearing swimwear, are portrayed as sexualized or trivialized. With men, the images typically show gritty, strong, grinding and intensity. There needs to be a change to capture HUMAN non-gender specific athletes in the eyes of the adjectives: winning, victory, success, strength, and power, you bypass gender as well as body type altogether. 

Being confident to be different.

Making sure to have fun!

Strength from within as well as physical strength.

"working together as a team"

Speaking with Mallyce about this empowering photo shoot and she really hits home talking about the direction she is going with these inspiring photos "I believe it is important that art directors and brands capture the athlete's strength and personality within the imagery because these athletes hold so much power and influence with the younger generation." 


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