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Suits Made For Surfing

At JOLYN, we specialize in making good lookin' athletic gear for the water sports we love!  We make bikinis and one-pieces that stay in place (even in the toughest conditions), are super comfortable, and last forever. (And the secret drawstring for the waist mean our bottoms don’t budge even when you’re in the ‘surf washing machine’.)

    Triangle Tops
    Tomcat Tops
    Vent Tops
    Andy Bottoms
    Lewis Bottoms
    Duke Bottoms
    Europe Bottoms
    Brazil Bottoms
    Bali Bottoms
    Randy Bottoms
    Isaac Onesies
    Max Onesies
    Tully Onesies
    Dayno Onesies
    Adrian Tops
    Fendrick Tops
    Nico Onesies
    Finn Tops
    Leon Tops
    Ryan Tops