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Swim Bottoms

  • Tatas Tatas
  • Tatas Tatas
  • East Coast East Coast
  • West Coast West Coast
  • West Coast West Coast
  • West Coast West Coast
  • Haze Fluid
  • Viola Starzy
  • Micah Neo Vice
  • Fez Whitsundays
  • Ripple Effect Ripple Effect
  • Independent Independent
  • Crystal Castle Crystal Castle
  • Spicoli Spicoli
  • Honey Honey
  • Foxes Foxes
  • Waterdrops Waterdrops
  • Hula Hula
  • Swan Swan
  • Lava Lamp Lava Lamp
  • Feline Feline
JOLYN swimsuit bottoms are made from high quality fabric and reinforced stitching which means they last long and won't stretch or fade. Our swimsuit bottoms come in different amounts of bum coverage to suit your body type. Pair our swimsuit bottoms with our swimsuit tops and create your own unique two-piece swimsuit. Wear our chlorine resistant swimsuit bottoms and two-piece swimsuits for swimming, surfing, paddle boarding or just hanging out.