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ASHLEY MACEDO  // @ashlaurenm

Ashley grew up swimming and playing water polo in Davis, CA and continued her water polo career at UC Berkeley. During her years at Cal, Ash became a connoisseur of workout bikinis. “I was constantly modifying my beach bikinis for practice so they would maximize sun exposure and stay on while scrimmaging. I would order bikinis from all over the world in search of the perfect active bikini.”

After graduating from Cal, Ashley moved to San Diego to pursue a degree in interior design. While working in the design industry she met Warren at a real estate networking function. He had pictures of the tieback suits on his phone and she knew right away that he had an amazing product and wanted to help spread the word.

“From slinging suits out of backpacks at swim meets to the trunk show pandemonium of today, it’s awesome to see how the company has grown. I feel privileged to be working with such amazing individuals!”