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Collegiate Ambassador FAQ

Please review the following questions and answers before contacting your account representative.

Posting Content

Where / how do I upload my content?

In order to upload content, go to my proposals, uploads, click on other uploads, Make sure all files are jpg.

Can I post in my own JOLYNs?

If you want to post in JOLYN swimwear that you have not received as part of the collegiate program, the suit needs to be solid colored and in a style that is currently available to buy at

Can I post more than the required content?

Yes. Upload additional content and notify your collegiate account rep.

Does it matter if I post on TikTok or Instagram?

You are free to choose a platform of your choice as long as you fufill your tasks by the end of each month,

Are there rules for what is permitted in a post?

Yes, please refer to your Collegiate Handbook

Can I post twice on the same day?

Yes, you can post as much as you want.

How do I upload to TikTok without a watermark?

Refer to this video for instructions.


When do I get paid?

All payments will be made at the end of each month.

Product Related

What if my product does not fit?

Contact your Collegiate Account Rep by submitting a form below. Your account rep will be in contact with you within two business days to ensure you are getting the right size.

Account Related

Who is my collegiate account representative?

Fill out the form below and your account rep will be notified to reach out to you.

Still have questions? Fill out the form below to reach us.

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