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Head of Group Orders // 2x Olympian //

Elsie hails from Portland, Oregon. Before she started handling group sales for JOLYN, she played water polo for UC Berkeley. Also worth mentioning: she’s a six-year water polo National Team player (2006 – 2012), World Champion (2007 and 2009), World Cup Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist (2008), and an Olympic Gold Medalist (2012). No big deal.

 Elsie wore JOLYN suits during training for the national team—which is where she met Tanya and how she got involved in the company.

 “I loved Jolyn suits from the first time I tried them. I never fully got rid of my zip-up tan lines but Jolyn suits helped. Now that I’m done playing water polo, I love to wear JOLYN suits for stand up paddling, beach volleyball, and swimming.”