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It’s that time of year- and no - we don’t just mean costumes and candy. It’s time for JOLYN Gives Back!
(previously titled JOLYNLovesPeopleAndAnimalsAndTheOcean but our marketing team said no to that one)
We got a little bit carried away and instead of choosing just one charity to donate to, we picked out three that mean the world to us.

For the month of October 2018, we put together some special JOLYN collections. We’ll donate 50% of profits from sales from these collections to their corresponding charity, or you can donate directly to the non-profit or raise awareness in your own way!

Breast Cancer Angels

If you’ve been with us for a while you know we love the work Breast Cancer Angels does. This incredible organization helps patients going through breast cancer in ways that are often overlooked.

Breast Cancer Angels currently helps over 155 women each month - totaling over $45,000 going out in assistance to those in need. They provide services like housing assistance, food, and utility payments during treatment and even go as far as finding resources to assist with legal advice and emotional support.

We will be donating 50% of profits from this collection directly to Breast Cancer Angels. We would also love it if you donate directly to them or help raise awareness in your own way!

Surfrider Foundation

For the water athletes at JOLYN - the ocean is like our second home. It’s blue, majestic, and also in need of protection. The Surfrider Foundation’s mission is to do just that. Their campaigns range from keeping beaches accessible to reducing plastic pollution.

For the month of October, we will be donating 50% of profits from this collection directly to The Surfrider Foundation. And if you feel as passionate about the ocean as we do - check out their website to find out how help out even more, from small daily actions on your own to larger volunteer opportunities!


Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, we think everyone can agree that all furry friends deserve a loving home.

spcaLA has been helping the animals of Southern California since 1877. They believe that all animals are deserving of protection. Donations help them with animal cruelty investigations, disaster animal response team, humane education and shelter services.

We will be donating 50% of profits from this collection directly to spcaLA. If you want to learn more, donate more yourself, or become a volunteer please check them out!

From all of us at JOLYN, we hope you will consider giving back to these amazing non-profit organizations either through your purchase from one of our special collections, or through a donation directly to the charity of your choice.