Juli Hernandez

Juli Hernandez, a JOLYN JoPro

"I aim to support young girls through board sports."

Juli Hernandez is a surfer, skater and California State Parks Lifeguard from Huntington Beach. Describing herself as Cuban and Costa Rican with some Italian and Spanish thrown in, Hernandez has made a name for herself in the Californian surf and skate communities.

Juli started surfing and skating at around seven, and despite both scenes being dominated by boys, quickly gained the respect of her peers. Hernandez competed in both disciplines on the junior circuits, with her initial goal to become the first girl ever to surf and skateboard in the US Open of Surfing.

Always passionate and outspoken about inspiring girls to start skateboarding and surfing, she created Camp Grommette when she was just 17 - a camp specifically designed to help improve the abilities of girls in both board sports.