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Rep Forms


GROUP ORDER REFERENCE FORM - Use this form to get credit for referring team orders.

TEAM CONTRIBUTION FORM - Use this form to submit team contribution requests. Submissions will be processed every Tuesday, so try to get your weekend events submitted by Monday night. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out. Inquiries and other AP invoices should be directed to

FABRIC TEST FORM - Fill out this form when testing out new products for sizing and fabric feedback. 

GENERAL PRODUCT FEEDBACK FORM - Use this form to rate products and help corporate make improvements based on customer feedback.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY INTERVIEW GUIDE - An interview form for Motivational Mondays if you need it to send someone or do yourself (we will feature you too-obviously). Feel free to add any different questions into the mix as well. Email with the finished interviews.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY SUBMISSION - Fill out this form only if your Motivational Monday submission has been approved by Melissa. 

REP GENERAL FEEDBACK & QUESTIONS - Use this form to submit any questions or concerns to JOLYN HQ. 

INSTAGRAM BEST PRACTICES - A helpful guide of how to post on social media.