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As part of our partnership with GULF Swimming, we are proud to announce our first ever winners of our JOLYN Gulf Swimming Scholarship.

Halli Williams

We selected Halli because we were impressed by her extensive varied community service her awareness of her impact on others through kindness and being an example through service and outreach.

“Halli is a joy to coach! Not only is she a hard working and talented athlete, but also a kind and fearless teammate and person!"

- Coach Elizabeth Boston, Swim Ohana

Abbie Alvarez

We selected Abbie because we admired her determination and resilience in spite of some personal hardships. We really appreciate her courage to be vulnerable all while remaining strong and showing mentorship to others.

"Abbie is a very hard worker and does what is necessary to get better. She is very social and her presence makes practice more fun for everyone. She is a leader of her training group and makes a point to mentor the younger athletes on our team."

- Coach Tim Bauer, Katy Aquatics


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