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White Elephant Sign Up

How to Play!

1. Enter your information here to be entered into our White Elephant contest.

2. Follow us on Instagram @jolynclothing! If you do not follow us you will not be eligible for this contest!

3. Check our Instagram on November XX (we need this date) for the start of the contest!

4. On November XX, we will select the first player via Instagram (again, make sure you follow us!). The first player will have 24 hours to pick a number 1-6, each which corresponds to a different JOLYN prize.

5. Once player 1 picks their prize, we will select the 2nd player. That person can either steal the first prize or pick a new number!

6. If someone does not respond in 24 hours, we will pick another player.

7. A prize can only be stolen twice! Once it's stolen for a 2nd time, it is off the table and the last person who whole it, gets to keep it.