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Long story short - we LOVE the Coco beach bikini top. She's simple, flattering, and seriously comfy, with an open neckline and soft interior lining. After a day on the sand, you can even throw on a tshirt and the Coco swimsuit top lays nice and flat underneath - no lumps, bumps or funky necklines.

Unlike our classic swim tops, the Coco features a more relaxed construction for a day hanging at the beach and is a bathing suit top designed for comfort, not training.

Lined for maximum privacy, unpadded and tagless for maximum comfort.
100% Polyester
Elastic contains trace amounts of Latex.
Rinse in cold water after use and hang dry.

Note: All of our prints come out uniquely, so no one will have the exact same version of the print.

fade resistant
fixed back
off duty
relaxed fit
tie back

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