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DIY JOLYN Swimsuit Kit

D.Y.I. swimsuit kit


It's finally here. You've been asking us for this forever and we said really? And you said yeah. So we said okay. Because we love you so much ❤️
If your creation is any good maybe we'll hire you at JOLYN. Who knows. The world is your D.I.Y swimsuit kit oyster thing.


D.Y.I. swimsuit kit



  • Omg, I was just about to send this of to the Lady Rams at CCSF. We have a few crafty people. We love your suits, it’s the first swimsuit that I haven’t destroyed in less than a year. I have some that are years old and that still boggles my mind. Thank you for being supportive of women’s athletics—

    Katia Groffman
  • omg i love your suits so much! i was a swimmer for a few years and literally only wore your suits at practice! i’m currently a fashion student at fidm and it would be a dream to be on your design team 🥰🥰

    Natalie Quintanilla
  • I was about to call my daughter down to my computer to design a suit, then I remembered what day it was! Not as funny as the BroLyn, but close. Seriously, have you thought of actually having a design your own suit?

    Sandy Daly
  • Haha! I was looking at print and color combos and planning what to order lol. Nice one Jolyn!!

    Robin Walker
  • BRILLIANT – and here I was about to order one.

    sarah sinanan

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