Jolyn was created by athletes who were tired of swimsuits that didn’t fit, were uncomfortable, and most of all, were boring. From the perch of a lifeguard stand, we saw competitive swim style floundering. Every swimsuit out there whispered a lie about watersports being innately aggressive and unfun. The ladies in the water were cool —it was the swimsuits that needed saving. So a group of us dove in and started having fun with swimwear.

We now make one piece swimsuits and two piece swimsuits for swimming, water polo, beach volleyball and any other activity where fit and comfort are a priority. Our swimsuits come in fun prints and every color of the rainbow.

We use the highest quality materials and construction—at an honest price. Heavy thread counts, fancy Italian fabric, and responsible production (made in America). So you get a swimsuit that fits, stays put, and lasts.