• Top 7 Best Gift Ideas For Water Lovers

    We put together the top 7 best gift ideas for the water lovers in your life. Perfect for swimmers, surfers, water polo players, beach-goers, and any other water activity. These 7 items are our best sellers for a reason!
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    Gift giving on a budget, JOLYN style. Wanna buy gifts for all your friends and family and still have money left over? Check out these affordable JOLYN products your friends and family will love!

    4 Gift Ideas for Runners

    Whether they’re running marathons or around the block, get the runner in your life something special with these gift ideas from JOLYN!

    JOLYN x Breast Cancer Angels: Breast Cancer Awareness Swimwear

    We’re proud to announce we're once again partnering up with our favorite local organization, Breast Cancer Angels. This year’s print is inspired by affected women (and women in general) basically being literal superheroes while battling cancer. Shop our NEW Starlight print to help donate today!

    Behind The Print | JOLYN x Tyler Spangler

    Learn more about the creator of our two newest prints Shellshock and Wavelength, Tyler Spangler. When someone describes their style as "a rainbow flavored popsicle dipped in the ocean and placed on a rock to melt," how could you not want to read more...?

    How to Care For Your Swimsuit

    Want to know the secret to a long-lasting relationship with your JOLYN? Follow these DO's and DON'Ts so your JOLYN will stay as fresh as the day you bought them.

    JOLYN x Surfrider | Collaborate To Protect

    If we told you we made a bikini out of upcycled plastic you’d probably think it looks something like this...

    JOLYN Sports Bras: Put To The Test

    That's right, I'm talking about some lady lump huggers. Here's a personal review of JOLYN sports bras...

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    We get emails all the time from moms asking about our suits. So for Mother's Day, we brought our moms in to review a handful of our favorite suits....