Eva Porter

North Florida // eva@jolynclothing.com // @jolynnorthflorida

Eva grew up in Northeast Florida, where the ocean stole her heart at a young age, and all forms of surfing (body surfing, long boarding, short boarding) became her passion. Eva's natural skill in the ocean allowed her to be all-time at local and eventually international lifeguard competitions, due to her understanding that so much of ocean competing is maneuvering the surf. She swam seasonally in high school and when she graduated, decided to take her swimming to the next level by walking on to her university's D1 Swim team: University of North Florida! This allowed her competitive skills to increase dramatically in her ocean lifeguard career competitions. Following her athletic abilities, summer she placed in many events at Lifeguard Nationals 2014, and 2015 she became the USLA Ironwoman National champion! Talk about #suitedforadventure!


Now she spends lots of time with her new family est. February 2018, works and travels around North Florida with JOLYN suits, and in her free time travels, and charges the biggest surf available, ocean swims, teaches surfing and is looking to the horizon for what adventure calls her to the ocean once again!

How'd she link up with the JOLYN crew? "I met Warren, the maker of JOLYN at our lifeguard station in 2012 when he was driving around the USA getting feedback on his new creation, the vent top and brazil bottoms. I bought some a few months later and wore them at Lifesaving Worlds in Australia. Years later, through another rep, Jen, I got the job with JOLYN and have loved every minute since!”