• 4 Gift Ideas for Runners

    Whether they’re running marathons or around the block, get the runner in your life something special with these gift ideas from JOLYN!
  • 5 Yoga Poses for Swimmers: JOLYN x Gaiam

    Yoga can help athletes strengthen their mindset by increasing awareness, mind-body connection, focus and resilience. Come say namaste with JOLYN and Gaiam!

    Urban Surf 4 Kids x JOLYN: Supporting Surf Therapy & Mentoring Programs

    Everyone in the JOLYN community knows that the water can be so healing, and we believe that everyone deserves access to that power. That’s why we’re super excited to announce our support of Urban Surf 4 Kids.

    JOLYN x Breast Cancer Angels: Breast Cancer Awareness Swimwear

    We’re proud to announce we're once again partnering up with our favorite local organization, Breast Cancer Angels. This year’s print is inspired by affected women (and women in general) basically being literal superheroes while battling cancer. Shop our NEW Starlight print to help donate today!

    Our Top 7 Favorite Finds For August

    Our top 7 August favorites are ready! This month we chose the best products, events, activities, DIY, and a killer recipe for you to try!

    SELF-CARE TIPS | 9 Ways to Take Care of Your Well-Being 🧘

    Self-care is one of the most important aspects of maintaining good overall wellbeing, however, it's often overlooked, especially when juggling a busy schedule! We put together some easy ways to nurture your mind, body & soul...


    An Interview with Jamal Hill: Paralympian And Founder Of The Swim Up Hill Method

    We were lucky enough to sit down (virtually) with Paralympian and founder of Swim Up Hill, Jamal Hill. Jamal aims to avoid accidental drownings by teaching kids and adults to swim both virtually and in person. 

    Meet Erin Blevins - CrossFit Superstar And Chef To The Stars

    Get to know Erin Blevins, CrossFit superstar, as she breaks down the benefits of CrossFit, her reasons for joining, and how special the CrossFit community is to her in our recent Q&A.

    6 Weird Signs You May Be Dehydrated 💦


    We all know the obvious dehydration symptoms, did you know some of the less common ones? Check out 6 signs you might be dehydrated over at the JOLYN blog!

    Summer With Eryn Krouse: Surfer, Swimmer, Traveler, And Bikini Queen

    Eryn put together some of her favorite JOLYN styles along with some of her other favorite summer essentials and she even shared some of her discounts with us and you!

    Meet Bri Miller: Aquatic Athlete and Lifeguard

    Our July Woman Who Inspires Us is Briana Miller. We spoke with Bri about racial inequality in aquatics and how she has dealt with this reality throughout her aquatic career.

    Top 7 Favorites for July

    We rounded up some our favorite things of July just for you! Our favorite insta feed this month, favorite recipe, self-care product and more! Because when you discover gold, you should share it! Right?