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  • How to Choose a Women’s Water Polo Suit

    Selecting a women's water polo suit, or an athletic bathing suit is a very different process from regular bathing suit shopping. Most basic swimsuits are appropriate for non-strenuous water activity, sunbathing, and visual appeal. Active swimwe...
  • How to Choose a Surfing Bikini

    Spring is here, and summer is around the corner. You know what that means… swimsuit shopping! But, as a surfer girl, you might need to look at swim...

    DIY JOLYN Swimsuit Kit

    It's finally here. You've been asking us for this forever. A build-your-own, do it yourself, swimsuit kit!

    7 Ways To Build Your Self-Esteem

    Are you guilty of putting yourself down all the time? Do you ever feel like you're not good enough? We've all felt these things or something similar at some point. There are a few easy ways you can start building up your self-confidence right this second. Here are 7 tips...

    Coming To Terms With An Eating Disorder And The Journey To Self-Acceptance With Carly Compton

    Our recent activewear model, Carly Compton, shares her personal life story on her struggles with body image andnormalizing that there isn’t just one body type that’s healthy and accepting yourself for who you are and feeling beautiful.

    Upper-Body & Core Workouts With Aspiring Paralympic Swimmer, Haven Shepherd & SPRI

    2021 Paralympic Hopeful swimmer, Haven Shepherd, shared some of her top exercises that target all of the muscles she works on strengthening for competitive swimming using her favorite SPRI gear.

    Top 7 Best Gift Ideas For Water Lovers

    We put together the top 7 best gift ideas for the water lovers in your life. Perfect for swimmers, surfers, water polo players, beach-goers, and any other water activity. These 7 items are our best sellers for a reason!

    Gift Giving On A Budget With JOLYN

    Gift giving on a budget, JOLYN style. Wanna buy gifts for all your friends and family and still have money left over? Check out these affordable JOLYN products your friends and family will love!

    4 Gift Ideas for Runners

    Whether they’re running marathons or around the block, get the runner in your life something special with these gift ideas from JOLYN!

    5 Yoga Poses for Swimmers: JOLYN x Gaiam

    Yoga can help athletes strengthen their mindset by increasing awareness, mind-body connection, focus and resilience. Come say namaste with JOLYN and Gaiam!

    Urban Surf 4 Kids x JOLYN: Supporting Surf Therapy & Mentoring Programs

    Everyone in the JOLYN community knows that the water can be so healing, and we believe that everyone deserves access to that power. That’s why we’re super excited to announce our support of Urban Surf 4 Kids.

    JOLYN x Breast Cancer Angels: Breast Cancer Awareness Swimwear

    We’re proud to announce we're once again partnering up with our favorite local organization, Breast Cancer Angels. This year’s print is inspired by affected women (and women in general) basically being literal superheroes while battling cancer. Shop our NEW Starlight print to help donate today!